What To Expect When Planning A Brunch Wedding Reception

As you go along your wedding planning tasks, you're likely to choose the venue, date and time first. Those hoping to save some money sometimes opt for a late morning wedding with a brunch reception. If this thought sounds intriguing to you, here are some of the aspects of a brunch wedding reception that you can expect.

Types of Food

Brunch receptions offer a wide variety of options and twists on the traditional reception menu. In fact, you can have a lot of fun in creating a unique dining experience for your guests.

One very popular brunch dish is the frittata. The delicious combination of eggs, cheese and vegetables appeals to both breakfast lovers and the health conscious.

Another great option to consider adding to your menu is smoked dishes. Smoked foods like salmon, bacon and tuna are the perfect choice to satisfy the hearty meat lovers on your guest lists. These options are particularly well suited for late morning or early afternoon receptions. To round out the brunch, add some refreshing sandwiches like chicken salad.

Types of Beverages

Brunch beverages can be as creative as the food menu. Classic brunch drinks such as mimosas and Bloody Marys are solid choices. Consider adding a colorful and refreshing twist to the beverage menu with a juice bar. Juice options are almost endless, and you can even pick fruit and juice that match your wedding colors. Coffee is always a winner at brunch and can gain a lot of appreciation from your caffeine loving guests.

Some caterers may even offer specialty coffee bar options such as cappuccinos, espressos and more. To complete the beverage options, add a tea bar to your menu. At a very low cost, you can provide your guests with dozens of options from Earl Gray, Chamomile, green and more. Check with your caterer, because you may not even have to pay for unused tea.

Catering Costs

Brunch reception budgets can be the most cost effective of all receptions by far. Brunch catering is usually less expensive than dinner catering, depending on the menu and venue you choose. Some of the biggest ways you save at brunch is that you will not go through nearly as much alcohol as you would at an evening reception, and most venues cost less in the day than at night.

Take your time when determining which type of wedding reception is best for you and your budget. As you move along, you'll likely find that your wedding can still be the dream you have always planned, while saving money at the same time.  

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