How To Surprise Your Child Who Is At College

Doesn't it seem like just yesterday that you were taking your child to kindergarten? Somehow the years slipped away and now you're facing the fact that apron strings have been cut and your son or daughter is beginning a new life. While you are probably experiencing mixed emotions, it may be a good thing to remember that your child is doing that, too. Here are some ways that you can remind your child that you are thinking of him or her.

Mail - In today's world where technology and electronics dominate the communication scene, it's very easy to check in by texting and emailing. That's great, but there's something special and often unexpected about receiving something in the mail, too. 

  • Think about shopping for cards your child will love. Including funny ones and sentimental ones in your purchase will help set the mood of your own message. In addition, consider buying attractive blank cards that will give you plenty of space to write an entire letter.
  • Consider going to all of your child's familiar and favorite places where you can take photographs to send in the mail. For example, take a picture of the high school your child attended, the movie theater and the fast food joints that were frequented the most, and the different rooms of your house. Even though this actually might make your child a bit homesick, he or she will still probably enjoy going down memory lane.
  • Send money!  However, think about making this only an occasional treat so that your child won't be expecting it every time something is received through the mail.

​​Gifts - No matter the occasion, your college student will appreciate receiving presents.

  • To save yourself time, think about ordering things online so they can be sent directly to your child's college address.
  • When the seasons are changing, consider a new article of clothing. For example, as winter approaches a warm scarf and matching mittens would be received with pleasure.
  • Think about sending gourmet foods. Again, those can be ordered online for fast delivery. Before big tests or at any other time, consider sending a basket of gourmet cheeses, crackers and sausages. Another idea is to order canned tuna or salmon to go with the cheeses you have selected. If in doubt as to what would travel well, consider asking for suggestions when you are going to place your order, as a phone number will likely be provided for the online store. Contact a supplier like Nossack Fine Meats Ltd to learn more.

Additional fun things to send are a favorite stuffed puppy left over from childhood days, your child's favorite candy, and a journal for your child to record new experiences. 

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